Thursday, August 20, 2009

" Trees"

These trees was stamped in a class for a 4x6 cards but then I had an Idea to try and down size them to a ATC or a mini post card Thats why one id turned on it's back side ,I been trying to get all the stuff together it hard toget everthing together after its been in there for a whilethe first one on the upper left corner is the best one, then the one next to her on her left I.belive so...will iam tired and not talking , not making since.

Asain ladies aug 19,09

Asian , My best stuff I can stamp and the writting is a stamp too this my be older than 2009, but we need to write some thing in here no one has been here since 2007 so it was time when had out printer and scanner in the shop so that's why I havent had a scanner to scan anything. I been trying to make some new puzzles pieces, what i do I take a puzzle pieces,
and take off all the picture because it slick and so when i stamp on it it might slide......after that I sand it a littlethan I paint it add art and beads wire stickers or I stamps on it..Ilove to add pictures from magzine, or any kind of books.....